Friday 19 June 2015

WORLD MUSIC DAY 2015 features 21 Hyderabadi Bands


20 June, Saturday
Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet
Free and open for all

​Musicians from different styles, schools, cultures presented in the city invite you to celebrate World Music Day 2015! This year 21 bands will perform, among them: a string quartet, school groups, a band combining western rock and eastern tradition, professionals who sing in Tamil and Telugu, as well as a students’ duo from Madagascar. Most of the bands are local with the performers’ ages ranging from 9 to 75 years.

World Music Day 2015 features:

HPS Vigil Band
Turning Point
Geo Peter & Matthew Peter
Rithvika Prasad & Shreya Sridhar
The Michaels
4 Him
Dynamic Duo
Saachi Chennur & Daniel Paul
Eeshan & Aditya Bhansali
HYE String Quartet
Mohit Dodwani & Chaitanya Marneni
Saptaparni Fusion Swaraas
Ando and Myora (Madagascar)
Cross Bearers
Classically Mild
The ExpressionZ
The Incorrigibles
Sound Smugglers
Peace Frog

World Music Day, a festival initiated in France, is now a worldwide celebration. Its idea is to bring music to streets, to make it accessible for everyone, as well as to encourage young bands and musicians to find their audience. In Hyderabad, the music festival is organized every year by Alliance Française Hydrabad, Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad, Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and Hyderabad Public School. It provides a common platform for all musicians: young and old, amateurs and professionals alike to perform for the twin cities, reflecting the whole palette of music styles and genres: Indian modern and traditional, western classical, rock or fusion.

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