Thursday 23 April 2015


Friday, 1 May, 
12:00 pm
Hamburg Hall, Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad
Entry : free

About the session
In an interactive session – solo-lunch-concert/ lecture - Uberto Orlando will complement his performance with a talk on western classical music in modern world, different approaches to teaching music and the blending of traditions in musical performance.

About the artist – Uberto Orlando
A soloist, Professor of Flute, Chamber Music, and Music for Wind Ensembles, Uberto explores and integrates many different cultures into his playing and teaching, from Zen and Aiki-Do to Yoga, from poetry, theatre and cinema to languages.

Uberto Orlando was born from a family of musicians; he studied composition with Gaetano Giani Luporini in Florence, Orchestra Conducting in Turin with Giorgio Ferrari and Computer Music in Venice and in Paris with Pierre Boulez. He taught, broadcasted and performed all across the world, including Europe, Russia, the USA and Central America, Africa, India, Japan and the Far East.

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