Thursday 21 April 2016


Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad is excited to announce opening of the brand new Urban Terrace Garden on Earth Day in continuation with efforts towards sustainability as a part of Environmental April 2016.

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​                                                         Opening By
                                   Narsanna Koppula
                            Permaculture pioneer in India
About the concept:

The aim is to bring sustainability and health to our food habits as well as create an understanding and respect towards the vegetables that we eat. The urban food lab also counters emerging climatic concerns of waste management through innovative “home” techniques like composting of kitchen waste and the use of natural products for removing stains, mopping the floor and washing clothes. In the spirit of sustainability, the garden ensures efficient use of water in these difficult times of water scarcity.

About the creator:

Narsing Arravally is an MBA graduate driven by his passion for sustainable food practices. His concerns over food insecurity, adulteration and resource-rich agricultural land being lost to industry, pushed him to pursue this cause, raising questions and finding solutions for a healthier tomorrow in the urban context. With skill, enterprise and creativity, Narsing has sown several seeds of thought in our minds – and we hope you will join us in muddying our hands for a healthier India!

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