Monday 14 September 2015

EXHIBITION & PANEL DISCUSSION | BLURRED GAZES Reflections on Hyderabad from a distance

We are glad to invite you to an EXHIBITION & PANEL DISCUSSION

Reflections on Hyderabad from a distance
Curated by Anja Ellengerger

Opening: 6:30 pm, 16 September
On view till 28 September
Kalakriti Art Gallery

An experienced art curator and film researcher from Hamburg, Anja Ellenberger, spent two weeks in Hyderabad to dive into the city’s vibrant art life and curate an art exhibition by Hyderabad-based artists. This exhibition is a culmination of the first artist exchange program supported by the Ministry of Culture, Hamburg, and organized by Kalakriti Art Gallery and Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad.

Anja chose to display numerous works based in tradition, e.g., in painting or print, exploring religious or folk art based concepts to more abstract forms, with some works dealing with new media or installation and performance art. The exhibition reflects the multeity of the local art scene which was overwhelming, Anja says. She admits, Indian art can’t be fairly approached within traditional Western categories and frameworks. Thus, the exhibition is rather the reflection of her personal view:

“Perceptions of Hyderabad art intertwine with impressions from the city which I observed through car windows, from autos and two-wheelers – always from a distance. This is a very personal view of a European, Hamburg-based curator on Indian art, which is deeply rooted in its tradition and history. Despite the fact, that nowadays everybody tends to speak about a "globalized" world, this doesn't seem to hold true for most people actually living in it”, Anja pointed out.

Anja Ellenberger is a German art curator and film researcher, currently working as an associate Professor at the Institute of Media and Communication of the University of Hamburg and a freelance curator and consultant at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. She worked as a curator and a part of the selection committee at various international short film festivals, has been a researcher at the German Institute for Animated Film Dresden, Das andere Fernsehen und das andere Kino in Hamburg. She has taught at Jilin Animation Institute Changchun, China in 2011.


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