Monday 5 January 2015

LECTURE : Insight into the world of dinosaurs

A lecture by Ch. Venugopal
Director, Geological Survey of India
Southern Region

Time : 6:00 pm
Date : Tuesday, 6 January 2015
ENTRY FREE - All are welcome!

Dinosaur fossil on display at the Birla Museum, Hyderabad.  
Dinosaurs are giant reptiles with significant anatomical and physiological differences from the present day reptiles that lived in Mesozoic period and extinct at the end of Cretaceous. The life and extinction of the dinosaurs is surrounded by mysteries and interesting facts. The remains of dinosaurs are found as fossil record in the Mesozoic sediments all over the world, including India. The Indian dinosaurs are poorly studied compared to the Chinese and American counterpart s. The on-going research is revealing unexpected angles of their life habits etc. The birds are now considers to be the survivors of dinosaurs and possibly dinosaurs can be recreated by genetic engineering. The extinction of the dinosaurs is an equally enigmatic phenomenon, so far not explained satisfactorily. Humans have to learn much from the origin and extinction of the dinosaurs.

About the speaker:
Shri Ch.Venugopal Rao was born on 13 July 1957, and earned his Master’s Degree from Omania University in1979. He joined the Geological Survey of India in 1981 with his first posting in Chandigarh. Till 1984 he looked after base-metal investigations in parts of Sirmore district, Himachal Pradesh. From Chandigarh he was transferred to SR, Hyderabad in 1984 from where he carried out Paleontological studies on the Mesozoic infra- and inter-trappean beds of Andhra Pradesh, Miocene beds of Kerala, a study of cave fauna in the Kurnool district, Pre-Cambrian Paleontology of Kurnool and Bhima basins, and supervised the construction of the Tyrannosaurus model at Kochi, Kerala.

He was transferred to Kolkata in March, 2011 where he looked after the legal cell and Technical Consultancy. In April 2012 he was transferred to Visakhapatnam where he supervised the Placer heavy Mineral investigations and cruises of R V Samudra Manthan on the East Coast. From Visakhapatnam he came once more to Hyderabad in June 2013 where is he currently working as the Director of Parks and Museums.

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