Thursday 10 July 2014

19th European Union Film Festival in Hyderabad

Dear Goethe Friend,

Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Goa, and now Hyderabad! This year we will have the honour to host the 19th European Union Film Festival in Hyderabad. In corporation with Alliance Francaise Hyderabad, the EUFF 2014 will last from the 4th till the 13th of July. Tune in to the 'Voices of Youth' at the 19th European Union Film Festival in Hyderabad.

Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad will be showing exclusive movies from the 10th till the 13th of July 2014 in our Program Hall. We are looking forward be a part of this unique event in Hyderabad and to see you there!


10 JULY 2014

7.00 PM
BREATHING2011 | 93 min | Austria | Directed by Karl Markovics
Inline-Bild 2

Eighteen-year-old Roman Kogler is serving time in a juvenile detention center. One day, Roman is faced with a dead woman who bears his family name and he starts looking for his mother. Of all things, it is this job dealing with the death that shows him the path back to life.

11 JULY 2014

5.00 PM
BRIGHT VISION2010 | 119 min | Ireland | Directed by Dónal Ó Céilleachair
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This documentary focuses on ten-year-old Shahira Apraku, who has a German mother and a Ghanian father and who attends the local Irish speaking school. Shahira embodies an entire new generation of Irish speakers and sean-nós singers.

7.00 PM
2012 | 96 min | Luxembourg | Directed by Christophe Wagner
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The mysterious and charismatic Inspector Hastert takes on one final case before he retires: the death of a fellow cop. He is helped by Oliver Faber, who is also the brother of the dead cop. Corruption and deceit are on the menu, and that's just for starters...

12 JULY 2014

3.00 PM
LESSONS OF A DREAM2011 | 113 min | Germany | Directed by Sebastian Grobler
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Based on real events, this movie tells the story of young teacher Konrad Koch, who starts working in Braunschweig in 1874. Koch is teaching English, but the subject doesn′t interest his pupils at first. In order to gain their attention, he introduces them to a popular sport, which is unknown in Germany – football.

5.00 PM
LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME2013 | 95 min | Slovakia | Directed by Mariana Čengel Solčanská
Inline-Bild 5

Sixteen-year-old Mira cannot forgive her mother for getting married after her father's death. Left-out daughter will revenge for mother ́s lack of interest by her escapes from home and provocative behaviour. However, her biggest trump will be to take over the mother ́s husband...

7.00 PM
2006 | 109 min | Hungary | Directed by Ágnes Kocsis
Inline-Bild 8

Viola lives quietly with her daughter Angela in a tidy flat. Though they seldom talk to one another and both are possessed of nearly obsessive domestic behavioural patterns. Viola wants to find a new man, while Angela has ambitions to become a fashion designer...

13 JULY 2014

3.00 PM
2009 | 115 min | Portugal | Directed by Joaquim Leitão
Inline-Bild 7

Lourenço is the son of Francisco Figueiredo, a soccer coach at the beginning of a very promising career. Everything goes well: Francisco's team is in the Portuguese Cup final and Lourenço is going to be class valedictorian in a very prestigious high school. But everything starts to collapse...

5.00 PM
DON’T BE AFRAID2011 | 90 min | Spain | Directed by Montxo Armendáriz
Inline-Bild 9

Silvia is a young girl marked by a dark childhood. At the age of 25 she decides to rebuild her life and face the people, feelings and emotions that keep her bound to the past. This movie is an approach to the very difficult and sometimes taboo subject of child abuse.

7.00 PM
THE BRIDES 2004 | 123 min | Greece | Directed by Pantelis Voulgaris
Inline-Bild 10

Set in 1922, is the story of a mail order bride, one of 700, aboard the SS king Alexander, who falls in love with an American photographer. She is bound for her new husband, in New York.

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